Only slow cars need excuses.

Shaun Trimarco, Executive Vice Precident
Glen Ellyn, IL
Lead Vocals, Schumacher Turbo 135 MIG welder, Sheet metal brake, pipe bender, Shrimp/Shells/Eggs

Known as "Twin Trouble" online, Shaun is responsible for bringing the all-important (and much overlooked) element of interpretive dance to street car building. Armed with an uncanny ability to MIG silk purses and sow's ears together, Shaun's main efforts include (but aren't limited to): Scooter Die!, The Snot Rocket, the S.C.A.B., The Hydromatic Enforcer, and the Baima-Mobile, which will all be featured sooner or later. Future welding projects include the Liberty Bell, the Berlin Wall, and of course, the super-custom-ultra-secret induction for the Fury. His favorite color is clear, and his disposition is generally passionate.

Anthony Priore, Chairman of the Bored, Narrator
Des Plaines, IL
Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Bridgeport, Monarch Lathe, Sunnen & Rottler equip., Mitutoyo 6" Calipers & 0-1" Mic, Paradise Pup

Known everywhere else online as "Anthony Fury," I decided the internet needed a break from Camaros and Cudas with 4.88 gears, 15:1 motors, and 8,000 stall converters. I also decided my pathetic personal site wasn't doing enough pot-stirring. And thus, was reborn as the home site for a band of young torque-crazy Chicagoland hoodlums that live and die by the mindset: "It isn't what you buy, it's what you build."

Aaron Beharelle, Claims
Des Plaines, IL
Upright Bass, Aux. Percussion, Engine & Drag Race Analyzer, Combo optimizer, Actuarial

Known as "Not a 350" everywhere, our Caprice pilot makes building horsepower look easy. What Aaron lacks in physical wrench-turning and fabricating ability, he more than makes up for in his ability to research, plan, optimize, and perfect a system. Aaron probably has hundreds of different combos stored in Engine and Drag Race analyzer, where he has predicted Horsepower, torque, E.T. and MPH figures with astonishing accuracy. Aaron does also help out a lot when it is time to turn wrenches. Also, Aaron goes beyond Crane or Comp cams tech support with his ability to put a stamp of approval on the "next step up," the mysterious area where conventional boneheads tell you your car won't be "as fun" on the street, or that your combo won't be streetable at all. Aaron provides a pivotal role in the Shaunthony's / No Excuse crew and should drive his car more!