Only slow cars need excuses.

How many times have you heard someone report their car's best ET/MPH, only to be followed by: "Yeah, but I would be going faster in a smaller car," or "You're lucky my bottles weren't on!" Hence, "NO EXCUSE!" Either your car is fast, or it isn't. This really has nothing to do with our mission (see below), but it sure makes us (and our website) sound like a bunch of Johnny hardasses.

Ask someone what they mean by "street car" and you'll get a lot of different answers. Many think that merely being street legal classifies their 14:1, 1800 RPM Idle, 5.57 geared, 4" straight-piped, gutted and stripped Camaro as a street car. Yeah, it's fast, but you can't go anywhere in it. We've come up with our definition: a car that travels into the future when you hammer it, yet can be driven safely and comfortably from L.A. to N.Y. in any weather.

Don't get us wrong, we here at No Excuse enjoy the term "Race Car" when it denotes a 7000 Horsepower, 4 second dragster. But any "Race Car" slower than that should just be melted down and converted into a limited edition spoon collection. Why? CARS BELONG ON THE STREET. People that spend money on any non-street car should just give the No Excuse crew the $50,000 they just wasted so the No Excuse crew can build them a $7,000 Snowmobile that runs 9s. We're tired of seeing / reading about cars that get trailered to the race track. We're tired of beautiful musclecars that sit in garages and run 4 times a year as "Race cars." We can't understand why so much hard work, effort, and money would go into something that only yokel track operators will ever see.

No Excuse racing consists of three college-age boys with a simple mission - go as fast as possible on the street. Aaron drives a Chevy, Shaun drives a Ford, and Anthony drives a Plymouth. Yet these representatives of the "Big Three" manage to get along and put all the "Marque Rivalry" B.S. to rest.

The No Excuse crew does all that it can to bring pants-pooping accelleration (by any and all means) to the streets of Chicagoland. See the "How To Build" section below for info, advice, and tips on our cars.