Only slow cars need excuses.

Mike Pratt's 1986 Mercuri Capri

Okay, here's the latest build from the Shaunthony's prison: Michael Pratt's '86 Mercury Capri, also affectionately referred to as "the car from Back to the Future." Before you get pissed that it's not really all in a Delorean, we did find a DMC grill for him....whether or not Mike uses it is his problem.

Background: Michael is a smart guy, and very particular about his build. Some of his credentials:

Michael Pratt
Mike Pratt's Wikipedia

We knew we'd never sneak our usual JB-weld and flexpipe turbo kit past him. His build criteria -

- Stuff a large frame turbo in, someplace
- Leave room for an even bigger turbo later
- Fully MIG welded construction; stick welding in inconspicuous places OK
- Fellow prisoners OK to help with construction
- Keep all the accessories
- Keep the stock hood

Mike brought it to Shaunthony's with a Dart 331", AFR 185s, AOD / 9". Previous best with an T-trim (and no cage) was 9.83 @ 140 w/ 1.58 60', 3550# full weight, on DRs, so right off the bat, the car had to be faster than that. Shaun and I were so initimidated by this that we farted, and it smelled pretty bad in the shop for a few minutes. Actually, I think we were laughing when we realized the car had to go high 9s to start, then panned over to the giant S400 turbo and 5" stock.