Only slow cars need excuses.

Caprice Motor #5

Block: Chevrolet 350cid block (0.030" overbore), 4-bolt mains Blueprinted, all flashing removed, de-burred, rod reliefs machined in block, decked 0.020" for 0" deck height. Lifter valley oil drain block offs and return screens were installed for oil and debris control. Mains were line-honed. Pan rails clearanced for stroker crank.

Crank: Scat 4340 forged steel 383, 3.750" stroke. Micro-polished, oiling holes opened up, all rotating parts internally balanced as an assembly to 0.5g (crank, flexplate, rods w/ bearings, pistons and rings).

Rods: Scat full floating 6.0" 4340 H-beam, ARP 2000 Rod Bolts.

Pistons: SRP 138093 forged w/ 1/16" ring lands, flat tops (5cc valve reliefs), full floating wrist pins, 0.0055" piston to sidewall clearance.

Rings: JE Moly rings, <1% leakdown. 0.032" top ring gap, 0.024" secondary ring gap, standard oiling ring (ring gaps set for nitrous).

Heads: Edelbrock E-Tec 200 aluminum cylinder heads, 2.02"/1.60" valves, all casting in ports smoothed as well as in combustion chamber, Manley swirl cut pro flo severe-duty valves w/ Engintecs multi-angle valve job (.055 intake, .065 exhaust seats), 7/16" screw-in studs. Intake runners - 200cc, exhaust - 78cc. Felpro 0.039" head gaskets yielding 11.22:1 compression, 195-200psi warm cranking pressure. Milled 0.004" for flatness.

Cam: Shaun Tiede custom "Tight Lash" Solid Roller, Duration: 277/277 seat, 253/253 @ 0.050, Valve Lift 0.631"/0.631" w/ 1.52 rockers, Lobe seperation angle - 112 degrees. Lash set at .008" cold/ 0.014" warm.

Valve Springs: Comp Cams 916 1.550", 1.800" installed height w/ .030 shim, 10 degree Valve locks and retainers, 173 lbs closed, 420 lbs open at max valve lift of 0.618".

Lifters: Retro-fit Comp Cams Endure-X solid roller lifters.

Rockers: Comp Cams Pro Magnum 1.52 full roller rockers.

Pushrods: 5/16" Comp Hi-Tech 8.150" 4130 chromemoly.

Bearings: Rod and Mains - Clevite 77 P series, Cam - Clevite 77. Rod clearances - 0.003", Main clearances - 0.002".

Timing Chain: Crane billet double roller, grade 8 bolts, Cloyes two-piece aluminum timing cover w/ roller cam button. Cam gear is drilled to accept cam timing eccentrics. Cam end-play set to 0.006"

Intake / Fuel: Edelbrock #2913 Super Victor intake manifold for Vortec heads (rough casting removed, insides sanded smooth, intake runners ported to match E-Tec intake ports). 37 lb Delphi fuel injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator @ 43.5psi, Walbro 255 lph #GSL 392 in-line high pressure fuel pump w/ 3/8" feed line, Racetronix-Walbro 255 lph #GSS 340M in-tank pump. Racetronix Impala SS fuel pump wiring harness including upgraded body ground. Accufab 4-barrel 1215cfm Throttle body, K&N E-1500 Filter, Dual snorkel air cleaner w/ cold air ducts.

Ignition: MSD 6AL Ignition Controller, Hypertech HEI Cap/Coil, MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor wires, indexed Champion RC12YC plugs (gapped at 0.045"), MSD Pro-Billet EFI HEI Distributor w/ Comp Cams #12140 0.500" Composite distributor gear, FAST Bank to Bank engine management with wide-band O2, tuned by the No Excuses crew.

Exhaust: Hedman #65101 1-3/4 x 32" primary headers (3" collectors), Jet-Hot coated. Dynomax exhaust system for Impala SS (2.5" mandrel-bent w/ Ultra Flo mufflers), 2.0" H-pipe.

Other: All ports gasket-matched, underdrive crank pulley with proper-charging alternator pulley, Flex-a-lite 210 dual electric fans, LT4 Corvette composite valve covers, functional A/C, A.I.R. pump removed, 9C1 SEO 120 amp alternator, Stewart Aluminum stage 2 water pump, 160 degree thermostat, BeCool aluminum radiator (dual 1" cores) w/ trans cooler, 9C1 SEO engine and transmission oil coolers (both B&M 28,000lb GVW), 9C1 SEO power steering cooler, Moroso windage tray and oil pump baffle, Milodon 5qt stock replacement oil pan, Melling standard-volume high-pressure oil pump, Lifter valley oil restrictors (drilled to .125"), Streetdampr harmonic balancer, TCI SFI flexplate, Mobil One Synthetic 5W-30 motor oil.