Only slow cars need excuses.

Incon 800tti Install (Summer 2002)

So you want to build a TT Mustang, huh? Well, that's good. If you have the right tools, enough Gold Bond, and "Hall And Oates: The Best of Rock & Soul Part 1" (Preferrably in cassette form), you can have as much fun as the No Excuse crew did this summer. Click on the thumbnails to view full size pictures.

Here's a couple of schedule 40 butt-pipes. Do these two look qualified to build a 10 second, $25,000 race car? We'll see!!

Time to get started. List? Check. Gold bond? Check. Hall and Oates? Check.

Meet Sally with her old power adder - a Powerdyne blower. In order to fund the Incon kit, Shaun wisely sold the whiner. This shot also shows the old AOD; if you look very closely you can see it.

If you want to put Incons on, the engine has to come out. We started tearing the motor apart to pull it, only to find a total of TWO cylinders! No wonder Sally was so slow! Just kidding, that is the heart of the Snot Rocket, Shaun's home brewed Go-Kart on steroids (and polishes). The motor came out, and the Incon clearance plate was welded in and painted. Also, the AOD was pulled and sold to a certified Johnny Hildo driving around drinking beer with his girlfriend.

We pulled the heads off and gave Sally a good cleaning. There was almost no ridge to it, and also had cross-hatching left! Unfortunately, it had to be surgically seperated from Shaun's pee-pee before we could put it in. Zip up those pants, buddy! Rico and Shaun lower the motor in while jamming to Darryl and John (or possibly Rancid or AFI) in the background.

Shaun stands next to his swap-meet-scored Tremec. If you ask Shaun about it, he'll tell you what he tells everyone else: "It's sick!" I yelled at him constantly to get an SFI bellhousing and flywheel, because I didn't want to push his handicapped ass all over the place in the event of a failed 6000 RPM sidestep. So, he listened to reason (Shhhhh! He's listening to reason!) and shelled out for the big boy toys. One thing was for sure - EVERYONE loved the new Steeda Tri-Ax shifter! After a few nights under the dash installing the clutch pedal, the 5-speed went in.

When we went to put the rest of the motor together, Shaun realized he made a slight miscalculation in port matching the heads, so we broke out the die grinder, covered up the lifter valley and made the needed corrections.

We're either going to Street Racer Heaven or Regular people's Hell for this maneuver. Stock 19#/hr injectors are orange. Shaun's 42#/hour injectors are green. Look closely at the picture and do the math......I contensted that it would only be fooling Ford guys in-the-know, but it's damned funny, regardless.

And, she's done! I don't see any you?

Oh, there they are! You might have a better view of them if you are standing under the car. Like looking down the barrel of a Napalm gun. Yes, this will definately hang with 7s and quests.

We were so happy when Sally was together that we went out and bought Rico a toilet. Since nobody was home, we decided to leave it on the front steps of his house so they would see it right away and take it inside to install it. We added the planter...for decoration.